KvantaNet Ltd. architects and develops high-end web based information systems. We run our own state-of-the-art hosting services and provide tailored customer care! Our solutions are prepared to meet the unique challenges your business faces when designing and managing either a single web site or a high-end, complex set of web site operations. an application. All our project are based on top consulting and analysis.

Company Legal Information

Legal information on KvantaNet s.r.o. company (Ltd. - in English)

KvantaNet s.r.o.
Krmelínská 790
739 44 Brušperk
Czech Republic
Business Licence ID (IC): 27784428
Tax Number ID (DIC): CZ27784428
Founded: 11th December 2006
Record Number: C 51715

Company Banking Information

Our bank details are provided for your convenience. For international bank transfers please use IBAN and SWIFT codes.

Bank Address:

ČSOB, a. s.
Perlová 5
Praha 1
Czech Republic

Bank Account:

Account Number: 211944116
Bank Code: 300
IBAN: CZ54 0300 0000 0002 1194 4116